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What is new?  Well as you can see we now have Youtube links on the pages… and things are looking a bit less like a word document.  We will be running artist pages soon, were artists can have a show case of their works, songs and videos.  So things will be very much about artist and community development
Our Lives should be Un-metered and Free: True empowerment is through Information, Knowledge and Wisdom, these are the tools of the future. The apple is eaten, the box is open and the Genie is not going back into the lamp no matter how hard you try. Today we are money slaves, if you have seen The Zeitgeist Addendum you might have a better understanding of this, someone figured it was cheaper to give slaves their freedom paying them just enough to stay alive… after all it costs money to house, guard and feed them, but perhaps the game is up… the pea is not under the shell, its in the palm. Unbridled greed must be the financially rape of everything in sight, forsaking all others. This financial coup d’tat has been justified in whatever manner possible be it serving some greater good or the belief that everything will work out in the end as Thomas Jefferson said The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance

The Un-metered Lives Project Among other things it offers a working solution for bridging the digital divide in Africa. There is a great need to create awareness of how you can generate Universal Internet access (especially in Africa) This can be done using WAP enabled Cell-phones running the free Internet browser Opera Mini. For example people can look up the meaning of five words using an on-line-dictionary at the cost of only one Cent (ZA) People can also read and send emails for Two Cents, even look up items in on-line encyclopaedias, search engines and normal websites for just a few cents more. It is inexpensive and works in even the remotest areas If ever there was a subject that should be taught at schools it should be setting up Opera Mini. The future promises many things, this is available now and is growing fast Opera Mini users grew from 30 Million last year to 50 Million this year – The mobile Internet is the next big Gold rush and is expected to be two to three times bigger than fixed line

Seeing is believing: Here is a Video of Opera Mini working on a Motorola V360 See how it is possible to look up the meaning of five words for the cost of One Cent (ZA) compare this with another service that charges Two Rand an SMS  you can quickly see what a great advantage this would be,  people could look up a thousand words for the same amount of money.  This is something that we should be shouting from the rooftops

What is Opera Mini The browsers on most mobile phones are not that great and a lot of the time you need to go to sites that are written for mobiles. Opera Mini on the other hand is a free Web Browser that will run on most WAP mobile phones. Download it onto your phone and you will be able to look at normal websites and not just the mobile sites. As a bonus by making things smaller for the phone it greatly reduces the amount of data transferred, as most users pay for data used you pay less, a lot less. Visit sites like Facebook, Myspace, eBay, Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and also News sites. Read and reply to emails, all using the Opera Mini browser on your inexpensive mobile

Other News is a simple, cheap water collection system called the Cellular Water Tank that we would like to create awareness of as it will help people collect drinking water in rural areas at little expense this could be of particular help to people in Zimbabwe. There is currently a water shortage in the Eastern Cape this would help people who would not be able to afford to buy Water Tanks. While this idea is given freely to the people, there is still plenty of scope and business opportunities for making the infrastructure, like the housing crates and funnel arrays – Also if you leave a bottle of water in direct Sunlight for 2-3 hours it is sterile (12 hours if its overcast)