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East London – South Africa

Overview: East London has in our opinion the best weather in the world, like most coastal places, it can have it's windy days, but does not have hurricanes or bad storms. Temperatures range from the mid twenties to mid thirties, so it is never too hot. It has never snowed (or has frost) in living memory, so it is never too cold. Rainfall figures are good


This is perhaps one of the most contentious issue regarding East London. Back in the day, the population figures for the City were based on the core City Area where a lot of the business and residential areas where ' White ' - The population figures were then quoted as being 20 to 30 thousand. However it is common knowledge that the biggest ' Township ' in South Africa is Soweto, and second to that is Mdantsane, which is now part of East London (as is Soweto now part of Johannesburg)

According to who you talk to or what figures you look at the population figures for East London are ' officially ' quoted as anything from 800K to just over one million. However if we look at this quote here http://www.dispatch.co.za/2007/03/05/Easterncape/aalead.html

THE Department of Health is under fire for going ahead with a R9billion plan that, it is believed, will leave the two million people in Mdantsane and other communities without hospitals with specialist services “

In fact according to records I have seen Cecilia Makiwane Hospital, alone is responsible for looking after three million people (Afrox) If you look at the Greater East London area, known as Buffalo City, it extends from East London city right up to Zwelitsha, Kingwilliamstown and Bhisho a distance of over sixty five km – compare this with Port Elizabeth with a distance of only 14 km

If we look at all the figures and places in the greater East London area, ie Buffalo City, it would be fair to say that the population would be close to six, maybe even seven million

If we then compare these population figures with Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth, and then look at what industry and business is in place, it then gives you an idea of just how East London has been short changed

East London – the name:

Another cloud hanging over East London, is its very name, there is currently talk of changing the name of East London to the The Xhosa name eMonti –meaning Earth Mound, the one problem I see with this change is that just for trade reasons you have a name that is known (because of the association with London UK) You cannot do a web search today without East London SA popping up in searches for London UK... this is like Gold dust

Cry Freedom:

If you have seen the movie, then you will know a bit about East London. Daily Dispatch

Solutions and Action:

As with most things people need to be aware of

For far too long East London (and surrounding areas) has suffered from lack of business footholds, and we often experience a concept of ' business by proxy ' - for example, a smaller City like Port Elizabeth supplies East London with a lot of its needs, we have noted that most suppliers of computer components are based in PE – as are the repair agents, what this means is that their sales figures are over inflated and also this causes money to go out of the City – No taxation without representation, comes to mind

Business and suppliers need to made aware of what is going on, and given a period of time to change.

People need to promote East London positively, none of this Slummies non-sense

Establish their own supply lines and Computer infrastructure

Some Links to East London

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http://www.dispatch.co.zaEast London Local Newspaper

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http://www.elidz.co.za - Industrial Development Zone

http://www.eastlondonsa.com (Businessand other contacts out of date, history page has been under construction for about five years now)

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