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ELIAC one of the oldest Computer Clubs in South Africa

Please note that this (our new) site is under Construction – There is lots of info and stuff to be sorted and loaded, all work is done on a volunteer basis and we do not receive any funding – So be sure to check back every so often to see what is new – Transporter and Mega Links have been up-dated, still a lot of work to do, Downloads will come on-line soon

Our Six major campaign / Projects for this Year are Free Local Calls - Bridging the Digital Divide and Addressing the Skills Shortage by providing valuable information that will help and empower new people to enter the work market, and hopefully take a load off those that that are overworked and perhaps now need to move up the ladder – Also there will be Junk TV which will provide a visual aspect to all the other projects - Un-metered Lives which is a Data Disk containing valuable information for distribution – And then there is the Cellular Water tank

ELIAC is Based in the coastal City of East London, which has the best weather in the World, the winters are mild (no snow or frost in living history) and the Summers are never too hot – if they are you can always go to the beach and cool down. Sadly while the surrounding area has one of the biggest populations in South Africa (which is still mis-reported) it is overlooked by business and tourism, a legacy of Apartheid past

Established in 1989 – Originally ELIAC stood for East London IBM and Compatibles, but times change, and we have now changed it to be East London Internet and Computers

We meet every second Thursday of the month, except for December when we normally have a get together, and January when everyone is having a break – Meetings cover a wide range of topics, from computers, printers, cell phones and the Internet

We hope you enjoy and maybe book mark this site, there is a lot of info here. News and Views has events, Statements and submissions - Mega Links contains tons of useful links to places on the Net – Info and Projects contains tips and tricks on computers, printers etc and projects like aids for the disabled, mobile phone Internet etc – The Transporter room contains links to webcams all over the world – Downloads has allsorts of files from word documents, Pictures and MP3s

Do you know that you can surf the Internet and do your email on your Cell Phone and that you can send emails for as little as two cents – MOBILE INTERNET

Great for Africa - This website is simple and bandwidth friendly, no advertisements, no flash

Projects that we are working on include the Deaf Teddy – a training device for the hearing impaired, The look into mobile phones and the Internet. Environmental Concerns and recycling. Telcoms protests about the high cost of communications in South Africa. Our Self Help Project for PCs and more – Lastly how to get a free email address for life and no or very little spam Click Here for Free Email

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