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Junk Television – TV for the people

This was an idea I had a good few years ago, a local... community based TV type of service. The idea is that anyone that wants to get up and do it can, in fact the more that do it the better... in bigger centres I would expect every suburb to have one, maybe even two or more. People can cover anything from holes in the road, litter, interviews of local celebrities, even have a local band, choir or soloist perform – There could even be a Mini series or Soap Opera

Quality is not important at this stage, what is important is that people start developing themselves at local level –

Do not expect anyone to help you, this is something you need to get on and do it yourself, any form of funding will come only once you have got something up and running, people and more so businesses do not invest in dreams, try asking a bank Manager for a loan because you have a good song. You need a project that is working... and more often you will find that the funding will find you.

Do get a team together, trying to do everything yourself is a recipe for disaster. If you look at how a professional TV station is run, then you will find out that there are hundreds of people involved that make it all work. Just look at the credits at the end of a Movie to give you some idea how many people it takes to put out a quality project.

Do not use Copyright material (without written permission) this can include photos, TV footage, music, and would also include a recording of an artist or band doing a cover of someone else's work. Remember if something is out of copyright you must still acknowledge the writer, for example if you are doing a cover of Twinkle Twinkle little Star – then you need to acknowledge the composer, in this case Mozart

The SABC reminds us of the problem trying to cater for all 11 official languages. So instead of having them running around like the Keystone Cops trying to put out fires, why not let the people empower themselves.

With the advances in technology putting something together is now easier and cheaper than ever. From low tech Video capture, to digital firewire.

Distribution could be via Video shops. The best of the material could be used for local airing for a region, and even the best of the best could go out national

© Copyright 2007

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