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Setting up a Mobile Phone either as a phone that can surf the Internet all by its self, or as a Modem connected to a PC – is not that difficult, but needs to be done logically. Firstly check that your phone is capable of being used for this purpose, for this it needs to have WAP and at least GPRS – You can check on the Specs of your Phone by doing a Google search and typing in the name and model of the Phone, then the word specs – for example Nokia 6300 specs - A rule of thumb is that if it will run Opera Mini then it will be fine for doing the Internet – Click on this link for a list of phones that will run Opera Mini

The next step is to get the phone connected, even if you are only going to use it as a Modem for the PC do this step first. You need to find the browser / web access function on your Phone and use the Go to URL / Website type in the following address www.operamini.com (press go, enter etc) – if the Browser cannot take you to that (or any other site) then the Phone is not set-up for Internet, or the wrong service provider is selected. Generally most Phones from new do not have WAP / GPRS / Internet enabled, at the bottom of this article are the information set-ups for the different service providers, especially if your phone is new you will need to go through that lot to see what needs to be done

If you Phone has been enabled, but cannot open the browser, then it is possible that the wrong service is selected. For Example, if your Phone was on Vodacom and you now want to use it on Virgin, the Vodacom settings are most likely the default settings in the browser. You need to find were the default settings are (for the Motorola v360 it is Browser / Web Sessions) then change the default service to who the current provider is, in this case it would be Vodacom to Virgin

Vodacom Info - To Activate Phone: Dial 100 - Help on pre-paid is 111 and press Phone Notes on re-charging and and service – to hear your pre-paid balance dial 5151 press phone, to see your balance dial 100# Phone

To set up the phone for Internet you can now dial *111# you will then see a menu, at the moment choose option 5 which is device setup – it will then ask you what phone you have, or it will detect the phone, once that is done it will SMS the settings to your phone. Two irritating points is that if you make a mistake you cannot go back, you have to start right from the beginning again, also while you are reading the bit about it is going to send the SMS to you and you must key in 0000 as the PIN – the SMS comes in and you cannot see the page were it has the PIN number that needs to be put in, so I ended up doing it all over again just to see what the PIN number was.

Emergncy numbers dial 112 press phone – To check your airtime dial 100 and press phone

Website www.vodacom.co.za

MTN Info – Balance Enquiries *141# Phone - Customer Care 173 Phone or 083 173 from non MTN service – MTN Directory Enquiries 200 Phone - Emergncy Services 112 Phone - To set-up voicemail dial 100 - To re-charge your pre-paid dial *141* PIN CODE # Phone - Please note we found with MTN that your airtime expires the day they tell you, for example, if they say your airtime will expire on Wednesday January 3rd 2007 you have until Midnight Tuesday January 2 to use your airtime, because after that's gone. The other Service providers seem to give you up until the end of the day that they tell you

To set-up your phone for the Internet call the Help desk and tell them you wish to have your phone WAP and Internet enabled

Website www.mtn.co.za

CellC Info – Customer Care 140 Phone - Quick info line 147 Phone - Emergency Services 112 Phone – Mailbox 144 Phone

One nice thing about CellC pre-paid is that when your expiry date comes along, you cannot make outgoing calls until you re-charge, but when you do, the airtime that you had is still there

Setup Internet dial *147#

Website www.cellc.co.za

Virginmobile Info – To activate your phone

Website www.virginmobile.co.za

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