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The Cellular Water Tank

This is more of a community project, but seeing as we are trying to increase the Internet connection ratio with communities in general, we thought that this would be a good project to start with

Overview: The concept is simple, it is aimed at giving people and communities inexpensive access and storage of rainwater. The rainwater is stored in plastic two or five litre cool drink, or water bottles, the bottles are arranged in a crate of about six bottles, if need be the crates can then be stacked one on top of each other. The bottles are then fed with a funnel array, for example this would be six funnels joined together, and looking something like a baking tray. The tray is constructed in such a way that as the bottles fill, the water overflows, and pours into the bottles below, much like a champagne fountain

Once the bottles are full the tower can be dismantled and the bottles can be stored away, or easily carried to were they are needed. You could for example leave a few two litre bottles in the sun all day, then hang it upside down a good few feet in the air, and feed it into a shower head or hose, and you have yourself a nice warm shower

Some tips: If you are collecting rainwater off your roof you can modify one or more of your down-pipes to have a large hose on it, this can then be easily directed towards were the bottles are. Wait until it rains for a while before collecting the water, you will find that there is a lot of bugs and dirt at first, this is one advantage you have over a conventional water tank. I find for drinking or storage a little bleach or Jik helps, but maybe some research needs to be done on that one. You might find a bit of algae building up on the bottom, you can clean it a bit by using some clean small stones, a bit of water and Jik, then shake the bottle around a bit and wash out the muck. At some point the bottles will get to the point were they cannot be used anymore, they are made of a plastic called PET and can be recycled

I would think the crates would be easy for anyone to make, If there is anyone that wants to start making the funnel arrays that would be nice, I was thinking it could be an idea to have some product made that uses something like that in its packing or something, or just one funnel shape that can me locked together to form the arrays

This information is given freely to anyone that wants to use it, but please credit / acknowledge the Author Paul Wiggins and organisation ELIAC

©Copyright Paul Wiggins 2007

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