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Introducing Mzukisi Booi to the World

Was born on the 21st October 1966 in the bustling City of Port Elizabeth… South Africa. Situated along the East Coast of Southern Africa, here you have some of the most beautiful parts of Africa and the world. Mzukisi or Mzu  as he is known to his friends and fans started his musical career

His mother is Nothobile Booi – Raised by his Grandparants Ethel and Kleinbooi.  He has three brothers and on Sister and started singing at an early age in Sunday school and is a member of the Old Apostolic Church. In the eighties he join the group Living Sound and recorded their music at Radio Xhosa which resulted, or later resulted in the recording ‘ Umhttobo We nene’ – By 1990 the group signed with RPM records in Johannesburg which resulted in the Gospel ‘ Nat ilife ‘ which was critically well received. The Group disbanded

Together with a friend they went on to form the band Magic Blouw and the Album Slaapblek was released. Working with different bands in Jozzi as a vocalist he meet with Music Icon Brenda Fassie and they worked together until her passing away. After doing a Demo with Producer / Musician Baba Ngema he decided it was time to return once more to the beautiful Eastern Cape. Talking to Baba on the phone it was decided to do an Album